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Parent Testimony

Sending our son to Seeds of Faith Preschool a few years ago we were,

to say the least, very nervous. Constant worry of if he would be

bullied, or neglected. The usual concern’s of parents. But quickly we

seen a difference of the personal attention, and care for him. Making

him comfortable, and the professional attitude towards the proper

development of his needs amazed us. It wasn’t much longer our son

absolutely fell in love with his teachers! And it was clear that Mrs

Hansen, and her excellent staff was the best choice! She communicated

to us on his progress, and when the year was over we felt as if we had lost something very dear to our hearts! We switched to a bigger school

the following year. The days were just too long for him. And Amber

graciously took him back into class. We noticed as soon as he came

back to Seeds of Faith, a drastic change in our son! For the better! He loved school again and he was back on track preparing for

kindergarten. Our only complaint in this adventure. Is that we can’t

send him back! We LOVE all the staff there and wish them the very

best! They have left such a positive mark on our lives! The ladies

there are true Angels in our eyes!!! GOD BLESS Seeds of Faith!! And

thank you for being in our lives!


Child Testimony

“I love playing with my friends, and we learn writing.”