About Seeds of Faith Preschool

Seeds of Faith Preschool’s mission is to provide a developmentally appropriate education for children ages 2-6 in the Clinton, MO area through a Bible-based curriculum in a safe, Christian environment. This is done by teaching age appropriate lessons and activities that fully prepare our students to continue on in their education. Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”


The vision of Seeds of Faith Preschool is to teach any child in a Christ-centered environment those skills that prepare them for school, but more importantly, to plant those seeds of faith that will grow children and help them ultimately come to know our Lord Jesus Christ. Additionally, Seeds of Faith Preschool will be an outreach ministry by sharing the gospel with parents and a lighthouse to our community by helping those who financially cannot afford it (in part or in full) by trusting God to supply all of our needs.


Enrolling for the 2021-2022 school year
Ages 2-5
Taught by Certified/Qualified Staff
Biblical Curriculum
After school offered

Class-Half Day Session
9 month program

8:00-11:00 a.m.          Days of the Week
2 year old half day     Mon., Wed., & Friday
2 year old half day     Tuesday & Thursday
3 year old half day     Mon., Wed., & Friday
3 year old half day     Monday-Friday
4 year old half day     Monday-Friday

Class-Full Day Session
9 month program

8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.     Days of the Week
2 year old full day     Monday-Friday
3 year old full day     Monday-Friday
4 year old full day     Monday-Friday


Seeds of Faith Preschool will be using the A Beka Book curriculum which is a structured curriculum designed to teach early childhood concepts in a Biblical context. Children, ages 2-4, will learn colors, shapes, counting, alphabet, and phonics all through Bible stories and people from the Bible. There is a onetime book fee that will need to be paid before school starts. A Beka Book is a challenging, aggressive curriculum with over 50 years of experience in Christian schooling. Our curriculum is NON-denominational in that our teachings are biblically based.

Contact Us

If you are interested in sending your child to Seeds of Faith Preschool, contact us at 660-525-4770.


A friend once told me it’s financially wiser to spend a little more on preschool now and set your child up for success later down the road allowing them to qualify for college scholarships later in life.  My husband and I took that piece of advice and reached out to our surrounding community and found Seeds of Faith Preschool. As it turns out any financial advantage, we gained is by far at the bottom of the list for what our family has gained by choosing Seeds of Faith Preschool.  The joy and happiness, the educational excitement, and the amazing Christian social graces that our children came home with every night confirmed we had chosen the right preschool for our family.  

The staff at Seeds of Faith worked with each of my children extensively one on one, they truly got to know my child and how they think.  They were constant providing opportunities that they knew my child would enjoy and excel.  This was key in built their confidence and self-worth.  My kids loved that their teacher’s “gave them a job for the day and it was their job to see it through”.  My kids felt important and appreciated, and as a result my kids loved going to school every single day.  The staff encouraged my kiddos to think “what’s next” and they knew that my little ones cherished and thrived with those new challenges.  They were always quick to give my kids the kudos that feed their souls when they accomplished those challenges.  There was no better joy than to pick up my little one after a long day at work and see the amazing smile come running up to me and say, “Guess what I did today”.  It was also incredible reassuring to know that there were always extra hugs and a very patient heart waiting at school even if we were having a rough morning.

We have a 25 minute commute to Clinton everyday  but this was a time that as a family we spent listening to my kids sing calendar song, counting games, and playing a great game of eye spy that they had learned the previous day.  They were constantly surprising me with a new fun variation of a fundamental skill that they would need later is school.  All the fun that the staff encourage made the educational tools not so hard to handle for my kids and myself to continue the learning at home. Not only did they support the 1,2,3’s of learning, they helped our family talk and teach about subjects in the bible that on our own my husband and would have struggled to explain.  The staff was incredible knowledgeable and provided great ways to explain tough subjects that allow the kids to relate. For example: They story of Jonah and how important it is to be listening to God.   As a parent we know the 1,2,3’s and the ABC’s, and many times we know what the bible says but trying to explain these tough concepts isn’t always the easiest.  Seed of Faith helped our family build those bridges for ongoing communication.  The fun tools as well as the fantastic curriculum made it incredible easy to help my child at home continue those educational conversations.  Our family used the things that they discussed in class and were able to apply them to situation’s outside of school.   As our children finished their final years at Seeds of Faith my husband and I were very pleased to know that with the amazing learning environment our children were ready for the Kindergarten transition.

As our children entered Kindergarten we knew there would be struggles to maintain social grace let alone a Christian based social grace.  God says: Love your neighbor.  At Seeds of Faith Preschool, they watered and nurtured that value in my children.  The staff continuously provided opportunities for my children to work together, play together, and support one another with projects.  Not only did they provide strong foundation for my kiddos to grow beside other children, but they continued to encourage my kid’s socialization amongst adults of all ages.  My husband I knew that the “pleases” and “thank you’s” that we required at home were being re-enforced at school as well.  Respect and compassion between all of the kids and the staff were values that were constantly being supported. 

The staff love what they do, and it is very evident that God gave them a gift and a calling.  We as a family and as community are very grateful for everything they have done and continue to do.  

Thank you, Seeds of Faith!

A very grateful family